Monday, September 5, 2011

The Thought of Teilhard, Part 1

Bishop Christopher Coyne (Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Indianapolis) begins a 4-part podcast on the thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ with Father Mark Hunt (Holy Family University, Philadelphia). Father Mark has studied Teilhard for over 30 years and teaches a course at Holy Family University on Teilhard’s thought. This podcast series was prompted by comments posted to Bishop Coyne’s blog concerning a prayer for hope authored by Teilhard. The first 2 podcasts will examine Teilhard’s life, which many contend is crucial to understand not only the person Teilhard, but his thought as well. On this note, Bishop Coyne and Father Mark express sincere thanks to Professors Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim (Yale University) who authored a biography on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. They have given their permission for the biography to be used in these podcasts. The biography is posted on the American Teilhard Society’s webpage. The society’s webpage contains valuable resources to learn more about Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and the society’s activities including the annual meeting of the society in New York. This podcast examines Teilhard’s “Formative Years.”  (Bishop Coyne apologizes profusely for the times he butchers the names of French people and places.)

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  1. Bishop Coyne,

    I'm so glad that you have begun a post on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. I had never heard of him before your Podcast, but I'm so glad you have decided to devote several podcasts to this subject. I can't tell you how many discussions I had growing up regarding Bible vs. Science. I grew up Protestant, but my parents let me explore my beliefs, which led me to Catholicism. When I was in High School I had a poster in my room with all the Geological Epochs going back millions and billions of years(yes, I was a nerd). Our pastor came over and saw my poster and turned white as a ghost. He then went and asked my parents why they would allow me to have such a evil thing up in my room. My dad then said, "In Genesis it says that God created the world in 6 days, but what is the definition of days?" The pastor was not happy, but decided not to discuss this with any of my family. I really need to read more on Chardin. Thanks again for this post.


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