Thursday, August 11, 2011

One Pastors - Multicultural Parishes, Part 1

Bishop Christopher Coyne (Auxiliary Bishop, Archdiocese of Indianapolis) begins a three-part podcast with Father Robert Murray (Pastor, Saint James and Saint John the Baptist Parishes in Haverhill Massachusetts) discussing what it means to pastor multi-cultural parishes. The conversation discusses not so much the challenge of pastoring multiple parishes (see previous podcasts), but specifically parishes with notable multicultural populations. In this podcast, Father Murray (a Boston diocesan priest for more than 23 years) briefly chronicles the history of his assignments noting how each played an important role in forming him as a pastor today, particularly his study in Guatemala and seminary work in Peru. Father Murray underscores the point that while knowledge of the language (and in his case, languages!) is important, one must also understand and live, as best as possible, the people’s culture in order to be an effective pastor in these types of parishes.

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  1. The problem as I see it, as an ignorant no account working class Caucasian Catholic, is this: we are so busy promoting "multiculturalism", a model that we have but to look observe in Europe to see as unwise, that we are forgetting to promote Catholic Culture, and Catholic world views.

    Perhaps, if we were to concentrate on that, we would find that we can, indeed, all get along. We could also do something about the 40-60% of Catholics who no longer accept major portions of Church Teaching, and the Traditions we have recieved from the Apostles. Which many of us ignorant, working class Catholics see as the point of multiculturalism anyway--divert the attention of the Faithfull from Christ, Salvation, repentance and the Hope of Heaven, to allow modernists to continue the Sack of Jerusalem--provided of course, that people are aware that references in the pslams to Sion and Jerusalem have been taken, since the first century, to apply to the Church.


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