Monday, June 6, 2011

The New Roman Missal - Part 5

Fr. Pat Beidelman returns for a further conversation with me concerning the new Roman Missal. Our conversation is a follow-up to some of the things that we didn't cover in the first four podcasts as well as a response to some of the further issues and questions around the new missal.

I apologize for the low volume of the podcast as well as for Fr. Pat's mic having a bit of a "whisper" in it. I'm still learning how to use the equipment. I thought I had everything set correctly. Oops.

Speaking of technical stuff, notice the small audio player beneath the post entry. We're working to get this player on all of the previous posts as well but for the foreseeable future, the player will play only the most recent podcast. While there are fancy players out there, I want to be sure that the podcasts open on all platforms and mobile devices whether or not you can or can not use Adobe Flash. Remember you can also subscribe or listen or download these podcasts at iTunes or any RSS reader of choice by using the feed url. All of the podcasts are available at the source site.

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