Saturday, March 5, 2011

"To go where no [bishop] has gone before ..."

Welcome to my first podcast.  Pardon any glitches, noises or hiccups as this is all new to me.

In this first podcast, I begin a conversation with my good friend and colleague, Fr. Mark Hunt, about using the internet for evangelization and catechesis.  Our conversation was sparked by the recent publication of the "Lineamenta" in preparation for next year's Synod of Bishops.  (see the post of Friday, March 4 below)

Click the word "conversation" to open the podcast.


  1. Enjoyed your premiere podcast Bishop Coyne and Fr. Hunt (guest).

    Thought of several questions as a result of this evangelization in the new media age topic. Any chance of consideration to instituting forum exchange opportunities for the listeners to engage each other, you and your guest? Maybe Fr. Hunt could establish a Follow-on Forum on this blog site (maybe Skype from time to time). Just an idea. Again, congrats and well done.

    I used to listen to Talking Religion on WRKO (terrestrial radio) Sunday mornings at 5am for 30 years until they finally took it off the airwaves two years ago. I'm actually very glad there are podcasts and Skype etc. so as you say, people can learn, engage and exchange ideas to better articulate and grow in our Catholic faith.

    I must admit as we enter into the Lenten season I may have to strongly consider pulling the proverbial plug on the internet for personal spiritual growth! God bless, Pax.

    p.s. so true the comment of elks, KOC, etc. It reminds me of a comment I posted on the generalization changes within our community:

  2. Bishop Chris, great to hear your first podcast--we're listening in Westwood. You should call yourself a techie not a geek! Mary Jo says techie does you more justice. Good to hear your voice & Mary Jo missed you at Mass and the Jazz Brunch this morning.

    Mary Jo & her techie in training, Katie.

  3. Enjoyed your podcast Bishop Chris! My wife and i also watched your installation in Indy. Not sure if you remember me or not but I used to cantor at St. Mary's in Holliston and you were a co-celebrant at my wedding. My brother and his family live in your new diocese... Small world! Congrats on your appointment. Well deserved!

    Wayne and Lydia Duncan

  4. Bishop Christopher, great to hear that you are settling into your new home. We will follow your blog and pod cast "religiously"!

  5. With all due respect ... a podcast is not an html page with an MP3 link. A podcast is an RSS feed with MP3 enclosures. I'm going to download the MP3's, but using the technologies correctly would help spread The Word.


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